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March 4 Green Drinks - Carolyn Scherf talks about Local Foods

Carolyn Scherf, Local Foods Coordinator with the Dubuque County ISU Extension and Outreach will be speaking about issues at the intersection of agriculture, economics, and health as they relate to the Dubuque community, sharing about lesser-known food & farm initiatives currently taking place in our region, and framing a group discussion of possible next steps to advance our local food economy through strategic alignment of community education and advocacy initiatives.
With partners from the conservation, waste management, food access, and farming communities, Carolyn helped organize the Food Chain Summit that was a big hit this past February 14th at the Grand River Center. The event featured, among others, a number of “Community-Supported Agriculture” or “CSA” farmers and supporters, including Julie Garrett from the FairShare CSA Coalition, who shared about the success of the local foods movement in the Madison area and the potential for growth in Dubuque.
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